Wearable Technology

Smart GOLD™ Prescription for GOOGLE GLASS & Wearable Tech

Wearable technologies are growing fast. Most have read about the explorer’s experiences with Google Glass and many have seen the Recon products that add GPS and measure speed to snow goggles. MetaPro,Vuzix®, Google, Sony, Epson® Moverio, Recon and others will open a variety of new doors to the way that we think about eyewear. In each case, these glasses make mobile computing accessible through your eyewear.

In 2013, Rochester Optical introduced a prescription lens solution for smart glasses called Smart GOLD™, for those who have problems viewing the HUD through prescription lenses. GOLD is an acronym for Glasses Optimized Lens Designs. The optimization of the lens’ design considers fitting requirements and the prescription so the visual experience is enhanced for wearers of smart eyewear. GOLD is custom-design for the challenging vision demands of viewing the display in smart glasses that cannot be addressed by other prescription designs..