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Optos retinal imaging is a revolutionary new way to understand your visual health. Part of every eye examination involves determining the health of the retina, the eye structure that converts what we see (light) into brain impulses (vision). Optics Plus has recently added a remarkable, new retinal imaging system that enables our doctors to accurately, quickly, and comfortably examine that vital part of your vision system! With our convenient one-stop vision services, you can get your exam and choose the best eyeglass frame. Our team will work with you to ensure you select lenses which are best suited for your visual needs.

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Traditionally, your eye doctor could see very clearly into just the most central area in the back of the eye, limited to just a few millimeters. With the OPTOS OPTOMAP DAYTONA patients simply look into a “keyhole” for about a second for each eye. High Resolution laser scanners produce ultra-wide angle images, covering over 4 times the area of the retina as could be done with previous non-invasive techniques. The images produced cover over 80% of the retina’s area, with extreme detail. This certainly aids in early detection of existing conditions, and possible changes in the retina over time. And patients are glad to hear that dilation is necessary for this. Your exam will be performed in a complete and thorough manner.

Optos retinal imaging affords the opportunity for early detection of a number of vision related, as well as general health conditions. Diabetes, detached retina, retinal deterioration, certain cancers and vascular conditions can all show up early on these scans, especially when we can examine a larger area.  You can work with your optometrist to get a complete understanding of your exam results.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Any changes in the central area of the retina will have an immediate effect on vision, and an Optos retinal imaging exam is a necessary part of healthcare. Maintaining a lifetime of “normal” vision requires early detection of any possible conditions, including diabetes, detached retina, macular degeneration, or even strokes or cancers.

OPTOMAPwas invented by a European engineer who’s son lost vision because of an undiagnosed retinal detachment. It uses a system of laser scanners and digital enhancement to produce extremely high resolution, wide angle images.

In over 150 million scans there have been no reported adverse reactions. 

It is safe and recommended as part of early childhood eye examinations, to be included in the medical records.

No. You will be asked to sit in front of the device and peek into a “keyhole” opening. Within a second or two a light flash will indicate that the scan is complete. You’ll then repeat it for the other eye. The OPTOS does the rest!

We recommend having an OPTOMAP exam with each comprehensive check-up, normally every 2 years. If you feel like you are experiencing changes or discomfort in your vision we do want to see you as soon as possible, and will recommend imaging if indicated.

OPTOMAPhas already benefited so many people, around the world and in Optics Plus, by alerting them of possible eye or health conditions. Early detection will almost always lead to the best outcome. And there is a clear benefit to maintaining the images as part of the patient’s medical history.

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