Oakley Sunglasses: What You Need To Know

So many of our patrons love a great pair of sunglasses, but figuring out which pair is the best can be a daunting task. Luckily Oakley sunglasses has many options to choose from. How do you decide which style to buy? How do you know which lens color or shade is best? And what if you need a prescription? It’s not always easy, but with a little thought and research, you can narrow the choices to find the perfect pair for you. And the first step is to think about what you’ll most likely be doing while wearing your new sunglasses!


If you love the outdoors, biking, hiking, skiing, golfing, or anything else that takes you outside, you’ll love the idea that Oakley has a sunglass designed specifically for you. Oakley sunglasses stand apart from many other eyewear companies because Oakley’s designs begin in the field, or stadium, or on the bicycle or ski slope. Their sports frames are made of premium, high-tech materials that are lightweight and comfortable but will hold up through rigorous activity. The lenses are all impact resistant for safety, and they have color choices that are engineered for almost any activity in almost any lighting condition.


Professional athletes know that high-performance activities demand high-performance equipment, and that includes sunglasses. And when it comes to sports sunglasses, Oakley has always been at the forefront.

One important feature unique to Oakley is its use of proprietary silicon-based temple covers and nose pads. It was originally developed by Oakley as a better handlebar grip for bicycles. As it gets wet (from perspiration), the rubbery material gets a little sticky, so by using this on the earpieces and nose pads, the eyeglasses

Their M-Frame was one of the first “WRAP-AROUND” windshield types of sunglass design, protecting from sun, wind, dust, and from impact. And now, Oakley’s “FLAK 2.0” model has become ubiquitous among pros and amateurs in almost all sports. One great feature the FLAK style offers is interchangeable lenses. You can switch lens colors in seconds as lighting conditions change.

If the Wrap-around shield look is a little too radical, consider one of their more traditional-looking sport frames… same lightweight, durable materials, rubberized ear-socks, and all the advantages of a true sport frame. Oakley has Aviators, and Wayfarer-inspired rectangles, especially the iconic Oakley Frogskin collection.


womenOakley sunglassesWhen it comes to Sports sunglasses, choosing the right lens color and density is just as important as choosing the right frame style. All Oakley lenses highly impact resistant and filter harmful Ultraviolet light. They can also enhance perception. Polarized lenses will eliminate the blinding, reflected glare off of water or snow and ice. Dark lenses are great for full sun on bright days, but a high-contrast lens may be better at dusk or on a cloudy day. Gradient Tinted lenses are dark on top and fade lighter at the bottom, making it easier to read in lower light.

With over 40 lens color combinations, Oakley offers the widest selection of lens options available, allowing you to customize your sunglasses for any activity, lighting condition, appearance, and fit.

And Oakley has not abandoned prescription wearers! Most prescriptions can be done by Oakley in Most of their frame styles, INCLUDING their wrap-around frames.



Callaway golf ball on a golf teeOAKLEY GOLF LENSES

are medium density amber-brown color that increases apparent contrast making a yellow or white ball “pop” against the green. Their progressive design is tailored to afford larger viewing areas for the fairway with a small area for near vision, just to see a scorecard.


are recommended for bicycling because they take into account the need for good distance vision with the bicyclist forward-leaning posture.


come polarized, allowing you to see past the glaring water surface so you can spot fish or navigation obstacles. For anglers, Oakley recommends several lens colors depending on the lighting. Deep Blue for the bright sun; Shallow Blue for the moderate sun; The bronze polarized is also a good option.


feature ultra-high contrast colors, like yellow or orange-amber, making it much easier to track the fast-moving tennis ball against a muted background. The yellow is especially good for indoor tennis which is usually very flatly light.

beautiful winding road landscapeOAKLEY DRIVING LENSES

will also feature a polarized lens in any of the sun colors. Grey and green lenses are usually the darkest without affecting color discrimination. Oakley’s bronze color is also a great choice for driving.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Optics Plus if you have any questions about Oakley sunglasses frames, lenses, prescriptions, or anything about your vision care.

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