Contact Lens Fitting

Advancements in Contact Lens designs and materials now enable excellent vision correction for almost any patient, no matter what kind of correction they may need. Soft Lenses, and Daily Disposable Lenses are now available even for Astigmatism AND Multifocal prescriptions.

…never wore contact lenses? To see if Contact Lenses are for you, at your next eye exam ask about a trial fit. The doctor will take a few additional measurements and suggest the appropriate “Trial Lenses.”After experiencing the quality of Contact Lens Correction, and the comfort that has been “engineered” into the newest lens materials, you would then be instructed on insertion / removal / lens care.

…new to reading prescriptions? There are now a variety of new Multi-focal and Progressive Addition Contact Lenses available today offering better, and more comfortable options especially for Mono-vision wearers, and those that had difficulty in the past.

​​​​​​​…hard to fit? OPTICS PLUS does specialize in CUSTOM CONTACT LENS FITTING offering: Gas Permeable, Hybrid, and Custom-made Soft Toric and/or Multifocal Lenses..