5 Tips For Maui Jim Guide: Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Your Long Island Lifestyle

Maui Jim sunglasses

When you live in a place like Long Island where the weather can fluctuate from sunny and warm to chilly and rainy, sunglasses are a necessity. They protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, improve contrast when driving or playing outside and can even make you look more attractive by opening up your eyes. Eyeglasses can also serve as a style statement. Whether you’re going for an expensive look or just something casual, the right pair of Maui Jim shades will give you confidence and make you feel good about yourself. But with so many different styles of Maui Jim sunglasses to choose from, how do you know which type is best for your face and lifestyle? Here are some tips for choosing the right sunglasses for your Long Island lifestyle:

Know Your Face Shape

The first step in choosing the right sunglasses is knowing your face shape. A good pair of sunglasses will complement your facial features and make you look your best. Sunglasses can either add to your face or cut you if worn with the wrong style. So if your current pair of sunglasses just aren’t cutting it for you, it might be time to try out a new pair. My best advice for finding the right sunglasses for your face shape is to try on different styles at a store near you. Optics Plus is an authorized reseller of Maui Jim frames and they can also consult you on the best lens for you! Come down to our shop and get a feel for what style feels most comfortable on your face and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Certain aspects of your face shape might be best suited to certain types of sunglasses.

long island lighthouse montauk pointWhat Activities Do You Enjoy?

The next thing to consider when choosing the right Maui Jim sunglasses for your Long Island lifestyle is what activities you enjoy. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Are you a runner or cyclist? Do you spend a lot of time in the car? All of these activities can be made safer and more enjoyable with the right pair of sunglasses. If you like to be outdoors and spend a lot of time in the sun, you’ll need a pair of sunglasses with a high UV protection rating. UV protection is the most important thing to look for in a pair of sunglasses. UV rays can lead to skin cancer and can also cause premature aging. Maui Jim sunglass lenses will block out 90% or more of UV rays. If you enjoy being active, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses that fit comfortably and don’t fall off easily. If you spend a lot of time driving, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses that don’t obstruct your view.

Different Types of Sunglasses

There are a variety of different types of sunglasses to choose from. You can find sunglasses that are suitable for any activity and any lifestyle. Aviators – Aviators are a classic style of sunglasses with a retro look. They are good for almost any lifestyle. Aviators are durable and suitable for outdoor activities like golf, tennis and fishing. They also look good in a more casual setting. Boaters – Boaters are a style of sunglasses that are designed to be durable and stay on your head even when you’re moving. They’re ideal for boaters and anyone who spends a lot of time in the water. Natives – Natives are a stylish, casual style of sunglasses that are perfect for everyday wear. They’re durable, lightweight and they come in a variety of different colors and styles. Rims – Rims are another casual style of sunglasses. They’re durable, they come in many different colors and they can be purchased with different lenses. Check out our Maui Jim official page to see the entire selection of lenses available.

Choose Frames Based On Activity

Once you’ve figured out which type of sunglasses you like, you can choose the right frames based on activity. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, you might want to look for sunglasses that are polarized. Polarized sunglasses block out even more UV rays than regular sunglasses and can be beneficial for activities like boating, fishing and golf. If you spend a lot of time in the car or at the beach, you might want to look for a pair of sunglasses that are UV protected. UV protected sunglasses block out most UV rays and can protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. That’s not all though. You also need to consider the frame material. While frame material doesn’t affect the UV protection of sunglasses, it does affect their durability. Maui Jim frames are made out of different materials like metal, plastic, carbon fiber or titanium.

Find The Right Lens

Finding the right lens for your sunglasses is essential. Maui Jim has a huge range of lens coatings and filters to choose from. This will help protect your eyes and make sure you’re getting the most out of your pair. Some lenses are tinted dark while others are clear. And some lenses can even block out harmful UV rays. Tinted lenses – Tinted lenses are clear lenses that are slightly tinted to a certain color.

They can be useful for driving at night or on overcast days when you want to be able to see better without wearing contacts. Tinted lenses also protect your eyes from UV rays and can make you look more attractive by opening up your eyes. Dark lenses -Dark lenses are tinted lenses that are much darker than normal lenses. Orange Long Island New York sunsetThey are designed for very bright conditions like when you’re driving in the desert or on a sunny day at the beach. They can also be used for driving during night time driving.


Finding the right pair of Maui Jim sunglasses for your Long Island lifestyle can be challenging. There are so many styles and frame materials to choose from that it can make your head spin. The best way to choose the right pair of sunglasses is to know your face shape, what activities you enjoy and what you’re looking for in a pair of sunglasses. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re well on your way to finding the right pair of sunglasses for you.

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